Chris Zanzig is the third generation radiator repair and A/C technician at Brown's Radiator and A/C Service. He specializes in custom A/C hoses.


Need a custom hose or have need for aluminum welding, call Chris today.


Custom Hoses

A great A/C needs well-fitting hoses. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf hoses that you purchase from a auto parts store often don't fit properly and used hoses often will leak. If you want to protect your investment, get a custom-made A/C hose from Brown's Radiator and A/C Service.


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Classic Car Hoses


Custom racing car owners and classic car enthusiasts come to Brown's Radiator to get their specially made custom A/C hoses. Call Ken or Chris today to learn how they can help with your unique project.

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Custom Welding

Aluminum and aluminum alloys can be welded by metal-arc, carbon-arc, and other welding process. Aluminum welding presents numerous challenges. This includes the difficulties posed by excessive expansion and distortion of the metal during the welding process. Brown's Radiator is the only shop in town that offers radiator and A/C aluminum hose welding.

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